Antoblue Energy Limited was incorporated in Nigeria to play a major role in the oil and gas value chain. The company provides energy solutions in the up, middle and downstream areas of oil, natural gas, and solar energy.

The company is designed to play a major role in the African energy space. As a startup however, it is expected that Antoblue Energy will commence business from foreign agency for the international traders in the local distribution of petroleum products such as AGO, PMS, DPK, LPFO, lubricants and cooking gas.

Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy. With a GDP of $510 Billion and a population of 170 Million it remains the investor’s destination in the Sub-Saharan Africa. The oil and gas industry is dominated by the multinationals and there had been various efforts by the government through the local content legislation to encourage local participation in the industry. Given the difficulties encountered by the citizens in accessing petroleum products it is clear that there is a huge opportunity for new entrants to participate in the industry.
This existing opportunity is what Antoblue Energy hopes to explore and to serve the consumer profitably. Our strategy is to partner with the major international traders who have long term contracts with major refineries to source our products at very competitive rates and pass those cost savings to our customers through very competitive prices because we realize that petroleum products are commodities and pricing is critical in commodity marketing.


Here are a few of what we do.

  • Delivery of refined petroleum products
  • Delivery of LPG to retailers
  • Supply of drilling equipment to upstream operators
  • Supply of crude oil to refineries and manufacturers representatives


Our first strategic focus is to act as African representative to major refineries and international traders. Many refineries and traders do not have an in-depth understanding and reach of the African markets. Our strategy is to use our deep understanding of the African markets to foster greater partnership with the refineries and traders. This line of business may require that Antoblue Energy may establish offices in a few African countries in order to have a closer reach of the various markets.


As Antoblue grows within the international oil circle, the company will metamorphous into a full fledge international trader. This will require the establishment of long term contract with major refineries around the world and with a trading office in a major European trading hub. This will also mean trading in both crude and refined products around the world. This stage of the business will make Antoblue a truly international player. At this stage also we may acquire equity interest in an oil mining and prospecting company or sponsor a subsidiary that will play in that segment of the market.